Friday, June 30, 2006


This has nothing to do with what has been in the news lately, but something has been on my mine for awhile. This pertains to WV residents, but our Governor Joe Manchin, said he would reduce our sales tax by 1% each year(I believe as most Republicans in WV that we should remove the sales tax at least on food). He did it last year, but no mention of it this year. What happened Joe?


As I was reading an article about Ann Coulter's comments about the Jersey Girls(9/11 widows who spoke out against Bush and campaigned for Kerry), I thought back to Jessica Hahn.
The Jersey Girls have chosen to speak out against, Pres Bush, make money, campaign for Kerry and become public. While they have the right to do that, there were other people who lost loved ones on 9/11, but chose not to be public about it, so these Jersey Girls should be willing to take whatever comes to them.
The reason this makes me think of Jessica Hahn is this. For the ones of you probably under 30, Jessica Hahn was a secretary for then Rev. Jim Baker founder and leader of the PTL Christian "empire". Hahn claimed and eventually proved that Baker raped her and it took down Baker and his empire. When everything was revealed and her claims proved true, everyone felt sorry for her, and rightly so, because what she went thru was wrong. However she then CHOSE to appear topless in I believe Playboy(it may have not been, but it was topless in a mens magazine)and she received a lot of money. A few months after the pictures came out she interviewed with some one and she said she "just wanted to be left alone". Well if she wanted to be left alone, she sure had a strange way of showing it. While the "Jersey Girls" did not appear topless, if they didn't want to be criticized they shouldn't have been so public. To quote, I believe Pres. Truman "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".

Thursday, June 29, 2006


After hearing about OsamaBama(if I misspelled his name it was not intentionally and not disrespect meant), the member of Congress from Chicago, statement about the Dems need to reach out to people of faith or something like that and because of a comment on another post, I felt the need to explain a few things.
I do not feel the Republicans or Conservatives "own" God or Christ. I know many Democrats who are very strong Christians, probably stronger than me.
I do have a challenge with how they can justify supporting candidates who a pro-abortion, among other things, with their Christian values, but that is between them and God. I am not the one to judge them in regards to their relationship to God. I would have to make a choice if they ran for office and that would be based on many things.
The Dems want to reach out to Christians specificly and other "people of faith" in general. The problem I think they face is they know they need people of faith to get elected, however it is hard for us to support a party that 1) believes it is OK to kill innocent babies, 2) that want special rights for people that have a lifestyle contray to Scripture and when we speak out about it & we disagree with the special rights, we are called intolerant, among other things, 3)we have to tolerate every religion in our PUBLIC schools, but honor students can not talk about GOD or JESUS at graduations and students at graduations cannot chose to have a prayer if they want to, 4)but they won't allow vouchers so parents(who pay taxes for these schools)who are not happy with the public shools take their kids to Christian School, 5)Creationism is not even looked at as an alternative to Evolution, as well as other things.
The Dems and their willing accomplises the mainsream media, treat Christians as if they are Flag waving, Intolerant, Gun Toting, Unintelligient, Abortion Clinic bombing, Far Right Fanatics.
Dems also act like Conservative Christians do not care about the poor, just becuase they do not want to raise taxes and create more entitlement programs. Christian people want to help the poor, they feel it is a private thing and they should be willing, which many are, to give of their own choice and not the government taking it and giving it to what they feel is important. Christian organizations as well as individuals give to many charitable causes, both for catastrophes and day to day both oversees and locally.
During Katrina, Southern Baptists nationwide gave more money and help than any organization except the Red Cross and that is only one denomination. I have to laugh Rockefeller and Kennedy want to raise our taxes, why don't they give their money to help the poor.
So Dems if you want to get more Christian support, I could tell you what to do, but you won't listen.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Scientific basis for Creationism

After reading comments from Annoyed and thinking some, I thought why not expalin a few things that disprove Evolution.
One of the main tennants of Evolution is we and all living forms are Evolving to higher level organisms, when in fact we are devolving we are mutations of early man. Now someone will say well we are living longer. Yes we are living longer than people in the middle ages, but early man lived to 500 or more and that is proved by science. We have more knowledge now, because people keep building on things they learn. Also evolution can not provide the "missing link".
There are other examples and they can be found at however if you chose not to check it out, then that is your choice. All I can say is I will pray for you, because if you continue to keep that attitude you will be sorry when your life here ends.
There is only one right answer, you may think I am wrong, that is your right. I do enjoy reading your posts and do agree with some. Thanks GOD BLESS

Deadline for Iraq

I understand why Pres. Bush does not want to put a date deadline, but what about specific numeralical goals. I know he has said when the Iraqis can take care of themselves. But would there be some numerical goals he could give us. I'm not sure that is viable either and I'm sure not smart enough to figure out what they would be, but I would think some one could figure it out.

Creationism is backed by Scientists of Merit

In answer to Annoyed, their are many Scientist of Merit that agree with Creationism. If you are truly "open minded" as you say check out
However, my point is the people that want to take the picture down, at least many of them, are of the Jewish faith and they agree with Creationism.
I feel the people who want the picture kept up would make better use of their time by uniting with the people on things they agree with and could have a more positive effect on the school(even if others disagree). Rather than fighting over a picture that, probably not is even a true representation of Christ.

Answer to an earlier blog

I apologize for not keeping up with my blog. I do appreciate Annoyed reading and posting on my blog. In regards to my post about the country being divided. I do not think it is a bad thing and I would agree that both sides are responsible, the difference is the Dems/Libs cry and gripe about it the GOP accepts it and realize it is part of life.
In answer to people that say we shouldn't be so divided. That is because they want you to agree with them.
I feel a good example is comparing "Watergate" & "Monicagate". When Nixon was caught with "his pants down" figuratively the Dems went after him and maybe belatedly but the GOP went along with them and forced Nixon out.
With "Monicagate", when Clinton was caught with "his pants down" literally, the GOP went after him. What did the Dems do, they united behind Clinton and claimed partisinship and was saying how divisive the GOP was.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

DEMS KEEP TALKING & When are they going to get it

Living in West Virginia and now teaching in the Southern Part of the state I am amazed at the people of our state and especially the area I am theaching in. First if you haven't read any of my previous post I am a far right Conservative,Republican. I am a conservative first and a Republican next. I am a fan of George Bush, but think he messed up joining with Ted Kennedy and passing No Child Left Behind I also am not happy with his lack of better immigration policy.
The Dems have controlled WV for 70 years. The county I teach in Reps are outnumbered 9 - 1 by Dems. The county is one of the lowest on the economic scale in WV. People are constantly complaining about the state government, but the keep electing liberal Dems and they are proud of it. Now the state is changing a little(we went for Bush both times)and the GOP is making gains in the House & Senate State wide.
People keep saying how much Robert C. Byrd has done for the State. Well if he has done so much for the state why are we in the shape we're in.
My second point I think the Dems have a Death Wish, both nationally & statewide. I know they want to take over the Congrees but they keep talking and shooting themselves in the foot. They recently put out a plan to take back Congress(similar to what the GOP did a few years ago with the Contract with America). All it was, was complaints and no way to accomplish it. There are other instances, but there to many to mention.
SO I hope the Democrats keep talking, because the more they talk, the more they shoot themselves in the foot.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Misc Thoughts

Another thougth on the Jesus Picture. Instead of Christians fighting whether this picture should or shouldn't be up, why don't they spend the time and money to get creationism taught in the schools. Contray to what the liberal/humanists say science proves creationism.
On another note about Gas Prices. While people gripe about how much money oil co. make, where would we be if they didn't make big profits. We wouldn't have gas, because they wouldn't invest their own money and take the risk.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Picture of Jesus

I am a graduate of BHS and can remember that picture being there. As you can probably tell from my previous post I am very conservative. As I say in my profile I would probably be considered a "far right relegious nut".
However I do disagree with my brethren that are bent on keeping this picture up. First I normally do not agree with the ACLU. However this time they are right. All the arguements have been made.
Two I feel have not been made 1)Christians have enough real legitimate fights on their hand, that they shouldn't pick one they can't win. Yes I know we are to stand up for Christ, but is that really what we are doing when we are forcing non-Christians to look at a picture(which by the way is probably not what Christ looked like)of our God.
2)All the time wasted on protesting could be used to do what God told us to do "go and witness".
How much better would the time of the students been spent, that instead of standing out side protesting and no doubt alienating the non-Christians, then witnessing to them.
Their conversation ,with one of the students that wanted the picture taken down, could have been something like this.
"Hey I can understand how you feel and if I was in your shoes I'd probably feel the same. And if they keep it up or take it down really isn't that important. But you know the person in that picture really means a lot to me. Could a take a minute and tell you why." Then they could share their testimony.
Now I realize this is coming from a 56 year old man who has had sales & evangelizing experience. But what if the Christian students adult leaders had instructed them in that instead of encouraging to protest. Which would have been more beneficial to God's kingdom.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Ramblings

I get a laugh when the liberals talk about how divesive the country is now, that it has never been this bad. That we need to get back to agreeing more.
Yeah it wasn't that divesive when the Dems controlled everything(b/c the GOP tryed to get along and weren't that organized) but now that the GOP has control all the Libs can do is criticize and that causes division. But the problem is the libs criticize, but don't offer solutions.
I believe and we will find out in November, that will continue to hurt the Dems. They think they are going to take control of Congress and they might, but I feel as long as they "stay the course",they won't win. Time will tell.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Well I'm back from Mingo Co. I have about 7 weeks that I have nothing I actually have to do. So I am going to try to post daily. I have several things I feel need to be said, so in no particular order here they are.
1) Gov. Manchin said he was going to cut the sales tax 1% a year(I feel they should cut it totally out on food) well why haven't they cut it the 1% this year.
2)Why do liberals/Democrats think Republicans/conservatives don't care for the "poor" just because we don't want to raise taxes to create more entitlement programs. There is hardly any mention, in the main-stream media, about conservative organizations charity work. Some examples the Southern Baptist Convention work in New Orleans(as well as I'm sure other religious organizations)& overseas for the various disasters, also work done by Pat Robertsons CBN & Jerry Falwell's org(even though sometime they say things they shouldn't), there are also many other conservative organizations and people that give to many charitable causes. I am also sure there are many liberal org, that give and help. The point is just because you don't want to raise taxes doesn't mean you don't care about the poor. By the way if our liberal Senators like Rockefeller & Kennedy want to help the poor why don't they give some of thier money. More tomorrow.