Sunday, October 21, 2007


As my previous post says I support Mike Huckabee for President. If you are from West Virginia and interested in helping Mike let me know.
Here is how I believe he can win the nomination. As of now polling wise no one has a majority. I believe either as other lower tier candidates drop out this will help Mike. I feel one of two things will happen. 1) As the primary's go he will pick up and win enough delegates to win the nomination or 2)no one will have a majority going to the National Convention and he will pick up delegates as others drop out.
I believe he can win the election, especially if Hillary is his opponent, just as her husband upset George Bush Sr.
Again anyone in West Virginia that wants to help Mike let me know.


Blogger crystal said...

I'm happy to see your enthusiasm for the party. I believe that when we vote at the convention (I'll be there,, will we see you there?)
that Mr. Thompson will get the majority. Most of the delegates in Cabell and Kanawha Co that I've spoken to feel quite confident about this too. Here is a link to a news story that makes my suspicion even more concrete.

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