Tuesday, July 18, 2006


1)For Liberal/Democrats in WV how come it is wrong when Don Blankenship uses his own money to help elect people we agrees with or defeat people or propasals he disagrees with, but it is OK, that the Rockefellers, Kennedys, Kerrys, etc., can use their money to get themselves elected as well as to causes they agree with?
2)Again, I ask our Governor where is the 1% deduction in the food tax we were supposed to have this year(1% every year, until it was phased out.)
3) I was talking to a teacher the other day. I asked why the WVEA keeps endorsing Dems and they lie to them(yes they do endorse a few GOP in some local races), especially in Governor races. She said " you don't think a Republican would have gave us a raise do you". I said maybe not, but Manchin wanted to do away with being able to save sick days, and was responsible for the fiasco about retirement.
she the said"well Underwood didn't help us any". I didn't ask, but I got to thinking "did the legislature propose any raises and Underwood veto them" the answer no.
4)I can't understand why the people in the southern part of the state stay so loyal to the Dems, but always complain about how the State is shafting them.
5)If Robert Byrd has done so much for our State how come we are 49th & 50th in the positive categorys and 1st & 2nd in the negatives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the latest school shootings, where does Mike Huckabee stand on Gun Control? I would like to hear more on this subject. Gas Prices?
Illegal Aliens? Global warming?

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