Wednesday, July 05, 2006


After reading some other blogs & comments I started thinking about metro gov here in Harrison C0. Now a couple disclaimers as said on Previous blogs I am a conservative Republican. I do think many of the problems in our state as well as our County is one party rule(I will also admit if the GOP had control of the state for 70 yrs it would probably have the same effect). I also feel why Bridgeport is growing and moving forward is they are more conservative/Republican than Clarksburg.
I feel to many people in Clarksburg, in leadership roles, are still interested is helping their friends or relatives, instead of moving Cburg forward. In Bport while yes there is some favortism(I don't think as much as many think), they are interested in what's best for the city, because in the long run it will help everyone. Now while I realize there are many good people in Clarksburg(and in leadership roles) and consider many of them my friends, I still feel this overall attitude is right. I can speak with some authority on this, because I have lived in B'port most of my life, but have lived & worked in Cburg and since I'm divorced, my kids went to RCB and have many dealings thru various organizations in Cburg.
Now if Harrison Co. went to Metro, they would probably have some form of enlarged County Com with representatives from different areas, so I feel if we went to Metro, it may give Conservative/Republicans more of a chance.
One last point, even though the city council elections are non-partisan, I feel looking at the party affilitations of council members, from the varioius cities in Harrison Co, it can give us an idea to the attitudes. Cburg all Dems, Bport I believe 3 maybe 4 Republicans. An exception, Shinnston it appears is moving forward and has some long range plans and their council, I believe is all Dems. I believe the reason for the difference is the ones in Shinnston have more conservative ideas even though they are Dems.


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Buddy, I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. I've been saying that about Cburg/Bport for a long time.

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