Monday, August 14, 2006

More Misc Thoughts

PARTISAN DIVIDE - The media makes a big thing about how divided the country is and how partisan we are. I feel they try to blame Republicans, but to me(and yes I'm biased)it's the Dems. Case in point 1)Watergate vs Monica Lewinski, a)what brought Nixon down, the Republicans joined with the Dems and told Nixon basicly "We can't stand behind you". Why did Clinton survive? The Dems stood behind their guy(unlike the GOP did with Nixon)and he survived. By the way I may be wrong, but I don't believe Nixon was actually convicted of anything and Clinton was.
2)The current War on Terror. In every other military action the opposition party stood behind the Pres(ex: Clinton - Bosnia, etc), even if they disagreed with them. That is not the case now.
"THE PICTURE" - As people that have read my blog know I feel the Board of Education should remove the picture of Jesus(it is NOT a portrait) from Bridgeport High. One of the things Mike Queen keeps saying is "it is a question of the Principal's personal freedom". I can't see how Mr. Queen thinks this is a question of the Principal's personal freedom. Because it is put up on a wall in the Hall that everyone can see. If the picture was put up in the Principals office(even though the student's would be subjected to it, if they came to his office)then I feel they would have a better case. The ACLU may try to fight that also, but I feel that would be a winnable battle.
AIRPORT TRAVEL - I haven't flown for a long time and may not ever fly again, or I might. Not that I'm against it, just that at this time in my life it is not something I do. However I can sympathize with the people who fly. But to the ones that are complaining about the hassles they go through, I ask this question would you want to spend 2 hours extra prior to leaving or leave and not ever arrive. Also people IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE HASSLES FIND SOMEWAY ELSE TO TRAVEL.


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