Monday, March 14, 2005


I hope the people in West Virginia wake up and realize that for all the good the Honorable Robert C. Byrd has done for the state it is time for him to go. The more he talks in the last few years the worse he looks and the more it makes the state look bad. I am also amazed(not really)that the media doesn't hold him(or for that matter any other liberal)to the same standard they hold conservatives & Republicans.
I also cannot understand why people are opposed to Pres. Bush's SS privitization plan. People over 55 won't be effected and everyone else it is optional. Also every place its been tried(Chile, San Antonio, & the Congress)it has worked. Why won't the legislature let us common people have the same perks they have. It is so funny the Dems want to say how they are for the working man, but they don't want the working man to be able to have the choice of privitazing his own SS(also they don't want to give the working man the choice of being able to send their kids to private school, like many of them do).
Last but not least the Senate needs to let the President's judicial nominees come to a vote. Yes the Senate did disapprove some of Clinton's nominees, but they got a up or down vote. They weren't fillibustered.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Why don't the liberals get it.

A few thoughts about things in the news. They Democrats in the legislature(and unfortunatly some Republicans)are talking about raising the minimum-wage. How come they can not figure out that raising the minimum-wage will not help. Right now the minimum-wage is 5.15 an hour, say they raise it to 6.00 an hour, then everyone making between 5.15 & 6 now will have to get a raise, and on up the ladder, so prices will go up more. Most people who have minimum wage jobs do not stay in them. If they stay there they choose to.
Now I know someone might say you don't know how it is. Yes I do I have a Masters degree and a teaching certificate. I have worked minimum wage jobs prior to getting my education and after, but I didn't stay there I found ways to work to get a higher paying job.
With all the programs available to people, they can get retraining, etc. and find a better job.

From my first post I forgot to mention my Mother. My mom is a nice lady who unfortunatley worries a lot, but has always been there for me. While we have disagreements I know that she wants whats best for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Don't let things you can't control effect things you can control

This is the third time I am trying this. After the initial post I forget everything and can't add things so I'm trying again.
I have two other blogs at Buddy's blog and GOP 1.
I will add more about my profile later. However I am a born again Christian and very conservative. The liberals would consider me a right wing fundamentalist. I believe the Bible is true all the way from Genesis to Maps.(It either has to be 100% right or if not it is all wrong. Truth is the only thing that's perfect.)
I have three adult children who I am very proud of, Eddie(who is married to nice young lady I am proud to call my daughter in law Stacey), Wendy & Scott. I have a beautiful Granddaughter named Mackenzie, who is 2.
I enjoy coaching,helping young people and playing with my granddaughter.
I am very interested in politics and am President of our County Republican Club.
I am going to try to post items everyday. If you have anything to say feel free.