Monday, December 26, 2005


I'm trying to post more, because I have many things to say, but I get busy and then forget to post stuff. Well here goes.
I am teaching in Mingo county. I am very blessed. I get along with all the teachers, although many of them do not know that I am a conservative. I try to keep my moth shut(the ones of you that know me, know thats difficult), but the other day it was really hard. One of my pet gripes is that the WVEA and the AFT continually support the Democrats, but the Democrats either lie to them or change things. Well its happening again.
Gov Manchin is going to try to pass a change. Teachers get 15 sick days a year(3 of them they can use for any reason), the unused days they can save up(in case of an emergency)from year to year. They can use any unused days when they retire, for health insurance. Well our illustrious Gov wants to change it so they can't save up the days. He also wants to change the retirement system, which will cut benefits for many of the current teachers close to retirement. I'm not sure how it will effect me and it might even help me, because more teachers will retire sooner and I might be able to get a teaching job back in Harrison County. But what amazes me is that Manchin is trying to shaft the teachers again and they will keep supporting the Dems.
Well thats all for now. I'm going to post more tomorrow.